How it Works

Wondering how a business becomes iTrust Qualified and listed on the iTrust Local Listing? Explore the process below.

1. Submit

A business is submitted by the public or by an owner/representative of the company. Once submitted, the business is asked to send in further information to assist iTrustLocal with the Qualification Process.

2. Qualify

The qualification process takes into considerations aspects of the business such as years in business, online review count and rating, how online complaints are handled, number of staff members, previous accolades,  social media presence and interaction, and much more. 

3. iTrust Qualified

Once a business passes the qualification process they are considered iTrust Qualified and can communicate that status with the iTrustLocal badge. These businesses are automatically listed on the iTrust Local directory for free. Upgrading to a higher tier plan for advanced tools & features is available to help gain more exposure.

Top Choice Awards Survey

Once a business is iTrust Qualified and their category is part of the respective annual Top Choice Awards Survey, they will receive an invitation to run as a nominee for the Top Choice Award. The businesses that win the Top Choice Award are specially listed as winners on iTrustLocal.com and have the option to further promote their win with unique tools and services. For more information on the timeline of the process, visit this page.