Listing Features

Discover the many features available to iTrust Local listing users. Wow your customers & connect with them today! 


Grab attention using your slogan to ensure your branding is on point!


Upload high quality images to allow browsers to get a real feel about your business and what you offer – a picture is worth a thousand words!


Are you a restaurant owner? You can upload your entire menu including photos of each menu item on your iTrust Local listing so that people can browse your selection in detail until they can’t resist anymore.

Map & Location

Let users get a feel for where you’re located with a location pin on our interactive map.

FAQ List

Answer common questions right on your iTrust Local listing so that customers can learn everything they need to know about your products and services so that they’re ready to connect with you sooner.


Link your website so that users can visit it with a click of a button. This helps to increase your website’s SEO (which in simpler terms means how easily you’re found online).


 Keep your listing up to date with monthly/seasonal deals, coupons or offers so that iTrust Local users have an incentive to visit or use your services.

Price Range

Let people know what kind of bill they can expect. For example, ultra fine dining could be expressed as $$$$ where as comfort food might be expressed as $$. Users can choose to have this feature used as a search filter. 

Business Hours

Enter your business hours so that users know when you’re open. Show up in their search when the “open now” filter is selected by them


Today’s customers expect to see video content. 4 out of 5 consumers say that a video influences their buying decision and that’s because video paints a picture that words can’t. Seeing a tangible reality like a video increases user trust towards your business.

Contact Info

Provide potential customers with different ways to get in touch with you right when they’re looking for your product/service!


For changing updates or statuses, you can use the announcement features to keep people up to date. For example, COVID-19 updates.


Use industry and category related words to help users find your listing easier. For example, if your business is a Pediatric Dental Clinic you might have keywords such as: teeth, kids, smile, dentist.

Social Media Links

Link your social media channels to your iTrust Listing page so users can see more about you or even follow your accounts.