Qualification Process

The qualification process is based on a points system where the business must reach a benchmark of 40/50 points

The following is a list of criteria we review when qualifying a business

Years in business 

Minimum of two years in business

Online review count and rating 

Minimum of 25 online reviews with overall 4.2 star review rating. This tracks how many online reviews a business has and their overall star rating. This helps us to know the experience that past customers have had.

Previous accolades  

Having a past accolade adds to your points in the qualification process. If a business has won another reputable award in the past, it helps to know the track record of the company in the industry.

Number of staff members 

Minimum of 2 employees* dependent on the nature of the category. The number of staff members provides insight into how they are able to sustain demand of customers, and also ensures that the businesses in a category are more or less comparable.

Website presence

A website is your online store front. Having a neat and efficient one means a business cares more for their online presence and how accessible they are to customers and adds points to your business for the qualification process.

How online complaints are handled 

This tracks how often complaints happen, and how well a business responds to complaints, whether they reply, how they reply, how long it takes to reply.

Social media presence and interaction

All leading businesses have a social media presence and are frequently active. How often a business connects with their customers is important.

Location appearance 

How a business portrays themselves at their location says a lot about how they are organized. Having a neat and well kept location adds points to your business in the qualification process.

Community involvement 

Going the extra mile for your community is a great representation of how above and beyond a business will go for their customers. Community involvement adds points to your business.


The amount of public nominations your business receives is a great indicator of how much your city loves you! Receiving nominations shows that your city recommends you, and gives you points in the qualification system.

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